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UK Computer Service, Maintenance Contracts For Business Within Gosforth, Tyne & Wear Area

Much more than just a "computer service contract"

Keeping your office running in this day an age depends on your computers and network doing their job 24/7. Down time costs you money! Custodian serve Gosforth, Tyne & Wear and surrounding areas.

Your business needs:

  • Telephone assistance - Our help desk can provide you and your staff with support on many issues they may encounter during the working day. A quick phone call can sometimes prevent an office hours of none productivity.
  • Remote control pc assistance - Many number of computer problems do not necessarily mean an engineer has to call out. Remote control access can save you money on call out charges as well as providing immediate response. Providing our team with remote access to every pc in your office means your business has in effect its own I. T. department.
  • One hour call out response time - Should a site visit be necessary, your business needs to be up and running ASAP. This down time costs you money. Custodian Computer Services can provide one hour response time to minimize this down time.
  • UK National service - Should your Gosforth business have sites in other UK areas Custodian provide national service throughout England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales

Whether your needs are telephone support or a complete service package, service contracts are tailored to your business.

All the above services can be provided under a yearly service contract or simply on a none contract month to month basis.

Much more than just a "Computer service contract"

In addition to providing you with service we will also be looking to provide you with possible solutions for streamlining your business.

Small Business or Home Users ( 1 to 2 PC's )

Should your business only have 1 or 2 PC's and you feel your not large enough for a full Computer Service Contract you would benefit from our PC Repair Service.

Offering the complete I.T. business service as if you have your own I.T. department within your company.
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