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Providing experienced and expert I.T. solutions since 1997

Custodian Computer & I.T. Services have been providing experienced and expert computer solutions since 1997 with the aim of bringing a high level of I.T. support to the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) market, a level of service and expertise historically only enjoyed by the bigger players in the corporate sector.

Custodian understand excellent I.T. solutions are key to the survival and day-to-day operations of most companies as the need to cut running costs increases. Over the years we have not restricted our IT knowledge base to the UK. Bring onboard a whole host of partners from many corners of the world in the field of programming.

Custodian offers a portfolio of I.T. support services designed for the SME market that enable a business to expand IT solutions with confidence without a prohibitive cost. Each service is tailored to the individual customer and offers the services and expertise required to outsource your I.T. requirements or run along side your own in-house I.T. department.

The support and in particular the consultancy offered is vendor independent and it is the goal of Custodian to help manage the CAPEX and OPEX of our customers without impeding on customer expansion or levels of service.

Please browse the services offered to empower your employee’s and open your business to new opportunities. It could be as basic as a web site design and implementation or the complete / partial outsourcing of your in-house I.T. services to expand or aid the current department.

Database hosting
Offering the complete I.T. business service as if you have your own I.T. department within your company.
Website Hosting packages
UK Web site hosting

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